ATLAS Publishing Intelligence (API)

Low-cost Reporting and Analytics Platform for Publishers

ATLAS Publishing Intelligence is designed for publishers to analyse business performance across both digital and print media, without the cost and demands of a traditional reporting solution.

Built upon Influential’s 21-year experience of providing reporting and data solutions to the book publishing industry and, with its zero foot-print and browser access, API can be easily integrated with your existing publishing, financial and contracts/rights/royalties systems.

Atlas: iPad Dashboard demo

Atlas: iPad Dashboard demo

  • A simple connector module to established systems or spreadsheets and other data
  • Consolidated sales and product reporting (print and digital)
  • Web and Mobile access
  • Configurable company, product & customer interactive dashboards
  • ONIX 3.0 compatibility via an optimised product database
  • Easy export of data and reports to Microsoft Excel, HTML or PDF
  • Simple but powerful custom reporting across product, customers and invoices
  • Selection of pre-canned reports (e.g. Top Sellers, Sales Opportunities, Customer analysis etc.)
  • Further, via the additional API eBooks plug-in, solve your eBook aggregator sales and royalties issues, allowing upload and reporting of third-party (Amazon, Apple, etc) sales across all distribution models.
API is offered at a very low monthly fee to ensure it’s accessible to users across the publishing lifecycle, from Editorial & Production through to Sales and Marketing as well as Finance and Management.

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